Tech PR, what’s the attraction?

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with a hugely successful and not to mention highly inspiring entrepreneur working within the world of Tech.

Tech. It is everywhere, and whether we like it or not, tech is the future. We are surrounded by it and engaging with it from the moment we wake up and reach for our phone to see what we have missed out on overnight, to the last thing before we go to bed. From virtual reality, artificial intelligence to robots, it is everywhere and growing at a speedy rate!

Following my meeting with this hugely knowledgeable man, I was fascinated and noticed more than ever how tech touched my life as I went about my day.

From the marketing tech that knows where you have been browsing and reminds you of those shoes you looked at two days ago. Then suddenly they pop up on Facebook or Instagram or you are emailed a 10% off discount code for that particular brand as if by coincidence. Through to the software behind the apps that allow you to locate the nearest Starbucks while you are in the airport waiting to board your plane. These are all incredibly clever, and although not life-changing (depending on how desperate you are for that coffee), the beauty of tech is that it really does change lives and make a real difference. Look at the healthcare industry for example. There have been so many tech-based advances that truly make a difference and help people to live their lives. From advancing how patients are treated through to developing new cures.

What are the biggest challenges to working within Tech PR?

“Clients are not household names or a shiny brand and so more often than not people don’t know of them. Often you must take a product that on the surface isn’t ‘sexy’ and make it desirable and it’s hard work”.

However, you can take this challenge and turn it into one of the benefits of working in the sector. The beauty of B2B as a whole is that the products and brands don’t sell themselves, as some consumer brands may do, which means that you have the opportunity to be incredibly creative. I often hear candidates tell me that they don’t want to work within a B2B sector because it won’t allow them to be creative. It is the complete opposite! You have to work harder and come up with more creative concepts which can only be rewarding.

Then I asked the ultimate question.

What advice would you give to someone looking to either start their career in Tech PR, or making the move to the sector after working within a totally different industry?

“Don’t be scared of it, and don’t worry that you are not a sector specialist”. It was so interesting to hear that this man who runs a successful agency with a team of very talented individuals, of which none had experience in the tech industry.

The key thing about PR is having that passion and desire to learn and grow. If you are a fantastic writer, absolutely love building relationships and are prepared to immerse yourself in a new sector and really understand and learn then there is no reason why you can’t explore something new.

If you think that tech could be a really exciting career move, then let’s have a chat :)

by Michelle