Christmas is a perfect time to think about your career.

With just 13 sleeps to go until the big day and with offices closing for Christmas over the next week or so, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to rethink and reassess your career. You may absolutely love your job and that is great! You may have been thinking about exploring new opportunities but have been so busy that there just hasn’t been time.

Christmas is a time for family and friends, most importantly it is a time for you. It is the one time of year where everyone takes a break (however long or short). Clients are also off enjoying the festive period and so although we will all be checking our emails (more out of habit), I am sure there won’t be too much going on. It is all too easy to get tied up in projects and deadlines throughout the year and put any thoughts of making the move to the back of your mind until you have time. Now is your time.

Christmas and New Year is often a time of reflection and consideration. Looking back over the past year and making plans for the next. If you have been considering changing jobs but you are unsure where to start, then let us help you take the stress away. Exploring opportunities should be a fun and exciting time filled with lots of possibilities and so as we enter the New Year let us help you in your job search.

Here are my top tips for starting your job search in the New Year:

Focus on your CV. If you have been in the same role for a number of years it may have been a while since you updated your CV. Or you look for it only to find it was saved on an old laptop that died years ago, or you simply don’t have one. CV’s can take time to update and make perfect, and even for the best of writers, it is always much more difficult writing about yourself and your experience. Spend some time while you are off updating your CV and showcasing your experience in the best possible way. For tips on CV writing head to our Beyond The Book website (, or pick up the phone and we would be happy to help. When you are sat on your sofa after too many mince pies catching up on the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, get out your laptop and make a start... not to be done after too many mulled wines!

Think about your wish list. This can be a tough one. When you have been working within the same sector for a while, you may know you want a change but just don’t know what that change looks like. You may be working agency side and keen to make the move in-house, or vice versa. Spend some time thinking about where you would like to work, what kind of working culture do you thrive in and what sectors really interest you. Make your list and check it twice!

Christmas is a time for socialising, but what does your social media say about you? With your free time focus on your social channels. LinkedIn is often the first point of reference for a potential new employer. They will look at your profile and make opinions based on what they see, and it is so easy for these to become outdated. Make sure that all your relevant experience is up to date and that you are sharing industry specific content.

Are you on Twitter? Was your last tweet 4 months ago?

Especially if you are looking for a new role within the wonderful world of PR, communications or digital. If you can’t keep your social channels fresh, then it may put doubts in the minds of potential employers. And of course, people will be looking at your social media channels when they receive your CV. It is hard to resist a little professional social media stalking nowadays! If you are applying for a role in a specific sector, then make sure your social media and LinkedIn reflect this interest and passion.

Have confidence in yourself. I have heard several people tell me that they have been wanting to leave their current roles for a long time, but they are worried that they haven’t had an interview for so long and are nervous to enter the recruitment process. Remember that you don’t need to be scared of interviews, you just need to be prepared. In the words of Buddy the Elf, "If you can sing when you are alone, you can sing in front of other people. There’s no difference". Now I am not suggesting that you break into song during your interview but if you can confidently talk about your experience to yourself, then you can do the same during an interview.

If you would like to discuss your job search in the New Year then get in touch and send us your new, updated CV.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

by Michelle