Why Would You Choose A Recruiter Without A Wealth Of Life Experience?

Isn't your job choice your life choice? Our experience says the two are not mutually exclusive! Of course not; I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now if it hadn't been driven at the time by my life stage.

So, be reassured my career pondering friends, we can help you because we have the life experience to understand you. Here's a little substance behind such a statement! There are ten of us who share a small office and talk and share advice daily. That pot of experience includes an age range of 30-nearly 50, and those with no kids, little ones and teenagers; we've left school at 16 and we've gone to uni; 3 of us have lost close family members way too young and seen things no one should witness; we have lived in villages, towns and cities; we've worked part time, full time and freelance with family lives to juggle; we have come from a lot and come from very little. So what do we have in common? A love of understanding people. We love to empathise, understand and help, and we all draw on our own experience to help each other in our understanding of each other's candidates.

If you are looking for a new job, or thinking about it, you are tapping into a hugely caring and experienced consultancy who genuinely have what's right for you at their heart. Feel understood at Beyond The Book.

By Anna