BTB's Recent Appointments - July 2018

This is the fourth ‘recent appointments’ we are publishing, and it’s getting excellent feedback from people who are interested in real world examples of how we work and the typical candidates we’ve been placing recently! This includes companies looking for a fresh recruiter to work with, current clients needing a reminder of all we can offer, and for job seekers looking for a brand-new role. We work with rigour and passion to ensure the fit is absolutely right and couldn’t be happier that all our current successes have a long-term future!

Junior Creative Team - Buckinghamshire

If you haven’t heard already, Emma Head joined us some months ago, bringing her huge personality, service ethic and knowledge with her, to develop further our strong Creative offering on both permanent and freelance. Boy, has she hit the ground running (unsurprisingly); making an impact with new clients, quickly and brilliantly. One such example, has been the appointment of a junior creative team. Most recruiters’ hearts would sink at such a brief as it is layered with challenges; finding juniors who can prove innate creativity, show portfolios of conceptual work, have a partner in crime already and outside of London. We like a challenge though and Emma knew exactly what strategy she would adopt, contacting reputable universities which nurture Creatives of the future. From this she attracted some strong candidates to introduce to our client, however ultimately it was Emma’s unbelievable network of Creative contacts that delivered. Years of reputation building enabled Emma to attract the attention of the one perfect team who happened to be looking at the time. Fantastic work and a happy new client! Also, what a lovely surprise when the team drove a 100-mile round trip, to surprise Emma with beautiful flowers and a bottle of gin!

Marketing Assistant – Oxfordshire

Now this piece of recruitment was particularly important. They all are, but this brief had a unique need for quality recruitment. An existing client tasked us to find a new Marketing Assistant to work full-time on their client’s site. This important and long-standing client entrusted their agency to not only deliver brilliant marketing strategy but to help them employ a new employee into their marketing team. Wisely, our client decided that they needed a recruiter to work closely with them and put their heart and soul into the search, and so he came to us exclusively. Anna set about the search to find that one bright, sparky, clever, commercially aware junior Marketing professional who would be excited by the brand and culture. Our approach involved upturning every stone, and to achieve this we threw all our resources at it. Anna used her huge social media network, utilised our Resourcer to scour the portals daily, advertised on all our channels, conducted a candidate get candidate campaign and, through our reputation for treating candidates very well, we engaged the one, perfect candidate. There simply weren’t any more. She was perfect. Our client didn’t ask for any more either. He knew she was great and knew he had to snap her up! A lesson to many…… don’t wait if the ‘right’ person comes along! Our client was delighted and more importantly, his client was too. A smooth, efficient and enjoyable process, where everyone trusted each other.

Senior Retail Project Manager – West Midlands

And now to our tenacious and hardworking Lisa. Lisa looks after our Integrated Account Management, Project Management and Marketing sector and has been delighting her clients with her tenacity, patience and hard work for the past 5 years. She has been briefed for a Retail PM several times and every time it’s been a very long search, as it’s such a specialist role in the sector. When we know clients find it hard to recruit for certain skill sets, we make a big effort to keep a constant eye out. This is an investment that we are happy to make and can work well for many clients. Lisa kept her eyes and ears open for Retail PMs and sure enough, one popped up. This individual was perfect in every way and so Lisa made contact, had a thorough initial chat and introduced him to the agency. The timings were not quite right, which tends to be quite common with any speculative introduction, however a few weeks later the agency were back in touch and wanted to meet him. 3 very successful interviews later, he was offered, and all parties were delighted. Just another example of how we adopt different strategies according to our client’s challenges and continuously think ‘long term’.

Senior Video Editor and Supervisor – West Midlands

Here is a tale about how knowing a client well is the only way to understand the right cultural fit; an incredibly important hiring criterion. We were briefed to help a very familiar client add to their team with a strong, talented and ambitious Video Editor, who could take up the challenge of managing the growing team. Our challenge? A very low salary for what they were looking for. However, through a recent process to find another Video Editor for the team, we had put forward a candidate who fell slightly short on what was needed but was an excellent cultural fit. When considering the new role, he was identified as having the ingredients to excel, even though he had no experience. However, If we hadn’t known this client well, and have their trust, the chances are he wouldn’t have been seen for the first role and they certainly wouldn’t have considered him for this new role. We both saw his potential and he was ultimately successful. To say he was over the moon is an understatement. In fact, he sent us a beautiful gift as it meant so much to him! A huge amount of respect also to this client for recognising the challenges of the budget and investing in someone to grow into the role.

Digital Producer/Digital PM/Digital Strategist/Digital Innovator

This isn’t about just one job. It’s about the fantastic work Emma Simkiss has been doing recently in expanding our Digital sector. Due to her excellent client relationships she has started to attract an increasing number of diverse briefs within the Digital space. This includes Digital Producers, Digital Project Managers and Digital Strategists, in addition to her focus on PPC, SEO, Content, Social and more. I can’t tell you how quickly Emma has got herself immersed in this sector and consistently attracted talent that clients struggle to find. Her ability to match candidates and clients is fantastic to witness and has resulted in the bitter sweet experience of receiving some great offers, but also some counter offers, where existing employers are paying way over the norm to keep great candidates from leaving. The Digital space is rife with counters and this is something that we’ve had to work through with some of our clients. However, we know how to predict it and manage it, and Emma has done so very successfully. She knows how to walk away from a candidate who is likely to accept a counter, how to coach candidates through the experience, with help in handling the situation, or understanding the pitfalls of accepting a counter, as well as how to keep everyone’s expectations managed throughout. If you’d like to know more about counter offers, Emma has written some great content which is on our website.

Senior Retail Designer – Northamptonshire

This is what happens when you commit to keeping in touch with candidates, rather than only seeing new candidates as valuable for live roles. It is an incredibly important strategy for us when candidate engagement can be so challenging in our multimedia world. We met this Senior Retail Designer some 5 years ago and, after a face to face meeting and exploring various options, this candidate decided to stay where he was as it just wasn’t the right time. We are completely happy with that. Yes, we spent time exploring his career plans and current options, but it’s about the long term for us, and this example proves the point. When he was ready he came back, a few years later, we had clearly not been forgotten! Tracey took up the challenge of helping him find his next home, which isn’t so easy in the West Midlands as there isn’t an abundance of Retail Agencies. However, we have a brilliant relationship with an agency to the East, where the match was perfect! Tracey made this candidate’s transition into a new role, after many years spent in the same agency, a calm and enjoyable process. Another example of the benefits of a genuine interest in candidate careers, building long term relationships, and what happens when you know a client well!

by Anna