BTB's Recent Appointments - January 2018

For companies looking for a fresh recruiter to work with, current clients needing a reminder of all we can offer, and for job seekers looking for a brand-new role, we thought it would be helpful for you to see the typical candidates we’ve been placing recently. We work with rigour and passion to ensure the fit is absolutely right and couldn’t be happier that all our current successes have a long-term future!

Senior UX Designer - West Midlands

We are working closely with a new and rapidly growing company who approached us on a sole agency basis, after being recommended by another client. The company were new to the Midlands and wanted to work closely with one recruitment consultancy, who were well respected in the area and had a niche in Digital, Creative and Marketing. After proving ourselves quickly with a Digital Marketing Manager role, they asked us to help them find a Senior UX Designer. At Beyond The Book we consider ourselves very well networked, mostly due to the fact that we talk to great candidates on an ongoing basis. Because of this, we already knew and had pre-qualified 3 fantastic and dedicated Senior UX individuals. However, one stood out as being the perfect fit. We knew the fit was perfect for the simple reason that this new client let us in to meet them and brief us in great depth, regarding the role, company culture and future plans. As such, and full of conviction, we sent this one perfect person. The MD met him, knew within minutes he was perfect, and offered him the same day. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to spend time on choices, especially when you are looking for a very special person with a niche skill set. Great move by our client! A super piece of recruitment by James here as well, as engaging Senior Creative folk to work on one brand is not easy!

Production / Studio Manager – Warwickshire

An existing client, who works with us on a sole agency basis, tasked us with a very important, new role, for their growing retail business. This appointment would enable them to inject the efficiencies of Studio Management into the Marketing team, to cope with an ever-increasing work load of multi-channel projects, as well as ensure cost efficiencies. The appointment needed to be made quickly and our client wanted choice, therefore Lisa Harrison set about casting a discerning eye across our network of known candidates and advocates. She did an amazing job of presenting 4 strong candidates, and quickly. The one stand-out candidate who was finally offered was, interestingly, not ‘actively looking’; Lisa’s ability to make noise and engage senior level people in the industry had captured this candidate’s attention and they were blown away at both interviews by our client, their team and the business. A happy client and a happy candidate!

Video Acquisition Specialist – West Midlands

Here is a tale about how knowing a client well, can help grow their business. Emma, our Digital Marketing specialist, met a new client a few months back and was tasked with finding a Social Media expert. During her search she came across a candidate who had a very niche skill set and passion for video, and its use in the acquisition of customers. With no roles on at that time to help him, she put her thinking cap on about how we could work more pro-actively, and she felt a strong match with one particular client, in terms of cultural fit and the future plans that we knew about. As such, she introduced the candidate. After one interview the client created a new role for him, as they could see both the value he could add and how well he would integrate into the team. An example of how we always have our clients in mind, when we know their business well.

Marketing Manager – Oxfordshire

This highly entrepreneurial and established business became a client some time ago after placing the Head of Marketing there. He enjoyed his experience as a candidate and so came to us as a client. We were briefed to find a new Marketing Manager to manage an increasing demand for Marketing across various sub-brands and help the business thrive and grow. It was an important hire, and Lisa was tasked with finding a true Marketeer, who really understood and trained in Marketing strategy. They also needed to have an entrepreneurial spirit, be very resourceful and skilled at problem solving. Armed with an excellent face to face briefing, Lisa worked her magic, as always, and found 2 excellent candidates quickly. One of which was an already pre-qualified candidate, and one that was qualified fully in this process. She landed the role; it was a perfect match, and all is going great! A great example of the benefits of Beyond The Book’s investment and belief in attracting candidates pro-actively, and further proof of what an in-depth briefing can deliver.

Junior / MW Digital Designer – Birmingham

This is what happens when you commit to keeping in touch with candidates, rather than only seeing new candidates as valuable for live roles. It is an incredibly important strategy for us when candidate engagement is such a challenge these days. Tracey, our Creative Consultant met a Digital Designer a year ago. He came in to visit us, which always really helps us keep candidates front of mind. He went to work abroad, and Tracey promised to keep in touch nearer to the time he was planning to come back. With her exceptional organisation skills, she indeed made contact and suggested another meet on his return. She knew he would be snapped up and very much wanted to help him. A role came in from a client who works with us on a sole agency basis and, armed with a depth of knowledge about the client, she quickly saw a match with her candidate. Two interviews later and he was offered the job. Having a long-term focus is a key BTB value and this example shows how it can work.

Specialist PPC and SEO placements – West & East Midlands

For any clients who have ventured onto the long road of finding specialist SEO and/or PPC specialists, you’ll be impressed with Emma’s work in helping 5 clients and 5 candidates find their perfect match. These 5 candidates all specialise in either SEO or PPC at varying levels and were not easy to find and engage! However, with Emma’s obvious knowledge of her sector and her tenacity, she does incredibly well. It’s all about building her own brand, taking time to produce content and engaging online strategies to make sure that, when that one special gem decides a new role is for them, they know it’s Emma to go to. Sticking an advert up and hoping someone will land is a traditional recruitment strategy that increasingly does not work. We have a growing team of specialist recruiters here who are from the industry, to ensure we thrive using modern recruitment strategies.

by Anna