​​Is Christmas Really ‘A Bad Time To Look For A New Job’?

Somehow, we are in December! This year seems to have gone at lightning speed, and we’ve certainly seen some changes in the job market; from the way that roles are advertised/promoted, to the way that candidates are applying for jobs (or not!) and their general approach to job searching.

More often than not, this time of year sparks varying conversations around whether this is a good time to be searching for a new job. We often hear candidates say, “there doesn’t seem to be much around job wise”, and “I’m not sure if this is the best time of year to be looking”.

In essence, yes, there are perhaps fewer live roles on throughout December, and trying to secure interviews around holidays can be tricky. However, the job market is often less competitive in December for this reason, so your application is far more likely to stand out and be seen!

Here are my top 3 reasons to keep active with your job hunt throughout December:

  • Summer bodies are made in the winter! Each year, thousands of people descend on the gym in January to get in shape for the year ahead. Research has proven that it tends to be those that train all year round, including December, that stay in the best shape. The same rules apply with your job hunt, don’t join the thousands of people kicking off their job search in January; get a head start by getting the ball rolling in December, even if it’s just a speculative chat with your friendly local recruiter!
  • Mulled wine and mince pies! When you build relationships with recruiters to help you with your job search, it’s incredibly beneficial to meet them face-to-face. Sitting down over a mince pie and a steaming glass of mulled wine will ensure that you remain front of mind with that recruiter for future roles. You’ll build a solid relationship with that recruiter and should feel that you’re in safe hands when it comes to be represented honestly and accurately. Not only that, but a face-to-face meeting does help us as recruiters to get a feel for the sorts of companies/clients that we are in contact with that would suit you culturally too!
  • Be part of the plan. As recruitment patterns are changing, we are getting some great results by introducing great candidates to the clients we have really strong relationships with. Often this isn’t for a live role, but it’s an introduction based on relevant skill sets and cultural fit. An intelligent introduction this side of Christmas could well mean you’ll be part of growth plans for the following year!

by Emma Simkiss