How Freelance Works For Freelancers

Whether you have just made the leap into freelancing, or you’re a seasoned freelancer looking for new opportunities through BTB, then this short one-pager will help you understand how we can work together.

Your consultant: you will have had an initial conversation with either Emma Head or Kaisa Laug. Emma and Kaisa notify each other of all newly registered freelancers so you are then on both consultant’s radar for future opportunities.

We don’t own you: we are simply here to offer you opportunities in addition to your other channels of gaining freelance assignments. You are free to register with any other agency and undertake your own direct assignments. What we DO own is the relationship between yourself and the company to which we introduce you to. Any repeat bookings are managed by BTB. If you no longer wish to be represented by BTB, you just need to let us know.

Freelance opportunities: you will be contacted by Emma or Kaisa should they consider a match between a client requirement and your skills and experience. They will give you information about the company, the requirement and the proposed day or hourly rate. Should you be interested, they will send your details to the client and talk through your relevance. If the client wishes to book you, the following process kicks in!

If you are NOT interested in the assignment, it isn’t a problem at all. Just let Emma or Kaisa know. Emma and Kaisa are also happy to be proactive on your behalf and they will talk to you about sending your details to carefully selected clients that match your background and skillset.

The Booking Process: Emma or Kaisa will confirm that our client would like to book you and will talk you through the rate agreed, timescales, notice periods (if any), logistics and payment process. This will all be replicated on a formal booking confirmation and emailed to you prior to the booking. This isn’t a legal document but does manage expectations on all sides, as all parties are copied in.

Payment: who pays you, how and when, will all be discussed with you through the booking process and replicated in the booking confirmation. Should you be getting paid by the company directly then it is your responsibility to chase payments, if payment goes beyond the term agreed. However, we will step into help as two people chasing can be better than one!

Beyond The Book get paid a fee in addition to your invoice/s. This is a percentage of the value of your invoice/s and invoiced separately, which is why we will always ask for a copy of your invoices.

Advice and guidance: we have some advice sheets that can help support you in your freelance journey; these can be found on the freelance bit on our website, or Emma and Kaisa can happily send you a pdf version.

So, should you need us, just call Kaisa Laug or Emma Head, at any time, on 01789 451510.