BTB's Recent Appointments - September 2017

For companies looking for a fresh recruiter to work with, current clients needing a reminder of all we can offer, and for job seekers looking for a brand-new role, we thought it would be helpful for you to see the typical candidates we’ve been placing recently. We work with rigour and passion to ensure the fit is absolutely right and couldn’t be happier that all of our current successes have a long-term future!

Senior Full Stack Developer – West Midlands

This integrated agency came to us due to continuous demand for providing web solutions to their varied client base.  It was our job to find a versatile Developer, with a proven history, to provide fast and accurate development of a range of web solutions, as well as reduce the freelance spend.  With our new Tech Consultant, James Partridge, on board, we confidentially set about unearthing the ‘Unicorn’ that is an experienced Full Stack Developer – also one who wanted the security of a permanent role; Not easy!  However, given our proactive approach to attracting and meeting candidates for the jobs of tomorrow, James knew someone already looking.  Indeed, this candidate was referred from an existing client who suggested he come to us for help!  After a three-stage interview process, the candidate was offered, without the client meeting any other options.  This was a smart move as, when you are looking for a unicorn, and find someone perfect, in the current climate it doesn’t pay to hang around -  they will be offered quickly elsewhere. 

Digital Marketing Manager – Birmingham

A new venture approached us after being recommended to by one of our existing clients.  They were looking to take their business to the next level, with an increased team. They were forecasting an incredibly busy time, and could do without many hours spent interviewing. They had been told they would only receive a select number of outstanding candidates from us, and so engaged us on a sole agency basis. They gave us an excellent face to face briefing session, from which Emma Simkiss came away with a thorough understanding of the specific Digital Marketing skills this person needed and what would be the perfect cultural fit; It wasn’t easy! An experienced Digital Marketing Manager who would be happy in a hands-on capacity (PPC, SEO, Display…. the works).  Again, Emma knew someone perfect who had already been met and she qualified them against this brief.  They met, met again and trialled the candidate for a couple of weeks before offering him the role.  He was over the moon!  It was the perfect move, as it combined his enjoyment of the hands-on, within an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment, and with bags of opportunity for growth.

Marketing Executive - Coventry

This example is a about a very precious piece of recruitment for a marketing agency.  A new client to Beyond The Book - again referred from an existing client - had a team implanted within one of their biggest client’s premises. They needed an additional member of the team, who would act as the conduit between the external agency and the in-house marketing teams, as well as suppliers.  We needed to find a highly professional agency Account Manager who would represent them brilliantly, on a daily basis.  They gave Lisa Harrison a thorough face-to-face briefing and she couldn’t have been more impressed by the company, the agency and the role.  She knew this was a unique opportunity for an Agency Account Manager who was thinking about a move in-house, and set about ‘shouting out’ the proposition through our multiple recruitment channels.  She quickly attracted a lot of interest and met many candidates to select the best in the marketplace.  Our client interviewed both candidates and offered the very next day. They were delighted, which in turn made our client’s client very happy indeed!

Senior Designer (potential Head of Design) - Leicestershire

This is perhaps a shorter story, as we were not briefed by this agency to find them a new Designer. Our formidable Creative Consultant, Tracey Parker, attracted a relocator.  An individual with exceptional talent for retail and brand.  However, the candidate had a very limited portfolio as he’d worked for one retail brand for a fair number of years.  For us to best represent him would be to get to know him well and to get a gauge of where he’d fit with our client base. To send his CV speculatively to various agencies in the area would not have worked as he would have been dismissed too quickly.  Therefore, being able to have confidence in his cultural fit, to talk knowledgeably about his talent and to suggest strategies to showcase his breadth, was essential.  This is what Tracey did, identifying and approaching two clients.  One couldn’t accommodate and the other, as it turned out, had started to consider recruiting a new Senior in the business.  Three interviews later and he was offered.  He is over chuffed to bits, as moving his family to the area had to be combined with a great new agency to live and breathe in; so a life changing placement for him. 

Digital Artworker - Gloucestershire

This existing client came to me (Anna Smith) after a concerted effort to employ a new team member directly.  This can work with many roles but on this occasion, they were struggling to attract the right person for this special role.  I was approached to see if we could fair better, as things were now getting urgent!  Given I know the client well, it was simply a case of understanding the brief, and this was achieved quickly through an efficient Q and A.  I put some honest and compelling copy together to attract someone who would assist the digital team in bringing to life Email and Online Advertising Comms.   However, they also needed a good design eye.  Not an easy one as most candidates with a good design eye want a design role!  This was all about selling the benefits of the wider proposition; the variety of experience that would be gained across multiple brands (not often the case client side) and the opportunity to grow in this rapidly expanding team. In addition, if I could find someone with a love for this client’s products… even better!  With some compelling job copy, the applications came through in high volumes!  Many, sadly, didn’t make the mark, but one did.  He needed to understand an awful lot about the opportunity, but I knew enough for him to positively enter the process.  He was offered after the first interview!  My client knew what they were looking for after many months of looking.

by Anna