BTB's recent appointments – May 2017

For companies looking for a fresh recruiter to work with (or current client's needing a reminder of all we can offer) and for job seeker's looking for a brand-new role, we thought it would be helpful to show some of the candidates we have recently placed and to give a little insight into how we approach recruitment.  We work with rigour and passion to ensure the fit is absolutely right, and we couldn’t be happier that all of our recent placements are built on very strong foundations. 

Digital Account Director – Warwickshire

This integrated agency, with a strong digital offering won some large and very exciting accounts, and urgently needed a top notch Digital Account Director who had outstanding client facing skills. Cultural fit was incredibly important, as it tends to be with all good businesses, and this person had to quickly deliver on the pitch promises. Given that we work proactively in attracting Digital experts, we had a pre-qualified candidate who we knew had the skills AND the right fit. He was snapped up and continues to thrive in these early days. This piece of recruitment saved our client so much time in a very busy period and gave them the immediate peace of mind that was so needed. 

Junior/MW Designer – Birmingham

Another example of how we deliver when we know a client well! This brand agency recently asked us to look for a Junior/MW Graphic Designer. But, not just any Designer: someone with a brand led portfolio, showing media neutral ideas that translate across multiple brand channels, and with a demonstrable passion for urban culture, out of work. Armed with existing knowledge of the culture of this agency and the type of people that thrive there, as well as obtaining a very detailed brief, we rustled up some highly-targeted job copy and deployed through our network and advertising channels. Within a couple of days, we attracted the perfect person and quickly met and qualified. The interview was set up quickly and we had a call immediately to say he was so perfect, they wanted to offer…… oh, and could he start the next day?!  They don’t always happen this quickly but another great example of what makes a recruitment partnership work!

Full Service Agency – Northampton

We have worked with a client of this nature many times and know exactly what their challenges are when it comes to recruitment. This was a start-up (well, a year or so) full-service agency. Things had gone very well and they were just about servicing their clients to the levels they set themselves when they set up the business, but if they took on any more work, they would start to under deliver.  However, it’s a massive step to take on your first permanent employee. We spent some time talking through the options in terms of experience and skills needed, how to define the role and how it would sit within the agency, for maximum profitability and service delivery. There were probably 3 options/models we could look at so we went away and found 3 individuals to fit these different approaches. All of them had agency experience but at varying levels and experience, and with differing salary expectations. What they all had in common was cultural fit. We also helped this client with how best to interview/assess the candidates, in order to establish maximum confidence that the candidate would deliver what was discussed.  Therefore, after rigorous process, one of the candidates was offered and has now started…… and everyone is very happy. 

Digital Project Manager – Warwickshire

This highly reputable and established utilities company had a challenge for us! It wasn’t a straightforward brief. They had a short term need to fulfil, by someone with specialist skills to deliver on an impending platform migration project.  Longer term they needed a strong generalist Digital Project Manager to lead a breadth of digital activity going forward. Knowledge of web, CMS, PPC, SEO and other digital channels were much needed. Not only did we attract a PM with the specialist skills for the project, but with the breadth for the long term AND with experience in the same sector -  which was a big bonus!  

Designer/Campaign Manager – Warwickshire

We love this story! A global company with a large PSL of recruiters, cherry picked us to attend a briefing meeting. Why? Because a previous Beyond The Book client (and candidate) joined them and highly recommended us.  From the strength of the recommendation they decided not to engage any of the other recruiters, as they knew we would efficiently manage a successful recruitment campaign and save them an enormous amount of time briefing and administering multiple agencies. We delivered first time. And then again with the next role, and then AGAIN, and this time from another area of the business who had got wind of our success. This time it was working directly with the MD of one of their core businesses. He was after a hybrid Designer/Campaign Manager – not an easy one! Given the uniqueness, we thought it would take a while….. but no! We had already met and qualified a candidate who was hard to help, given he had this hybrid skill set.  After a painless process for everyone, and to everyone’s delight, he was offered and accepted the role. 

by Anna