The Recruitment Roller Coaster

Do recruitment, they said... it will be fun, they said...!

And they (Anna, Sally and the team at Beyond the Book) were right; not only is it fun, but it’s incredibly rewarding! Having said that, recruitment is tough, and to be a successful recruiter you must be resilient with the ability to genuinely ride the highs and the lows of the Recruitment Roller Coaster. As Beyond the Book continues to grow and thrive under the careful management of Anna and Sally, we’re all becoming increasingly aware that, “quality recruitment is only possible when client, recruitment agency and candidates all buy into a quality process, and share the same values”.

We are lucky enough that, for the most part, our lovely clients work with us in such a way that allows us to really ‘get under the skin’ of, both the role in question, and the organisation. This in turn means we can spend time we need investing in really getting to know our candidates.

As specialist and dedicated recruiters, we are constantly out and about meeting our candidates. We spend time with them over a coffee (be that at our lovely rural BTB offices, or at a coffee shop, or even the pub!), or if they can’t make a coffee, then we’ll sit and chat with them over Skype (the wonders of technology). Either way we invest proper time getting to know them.

I’m keen to add here that this isn’t an ‘official registration process’, where candidates are expected to come in, show us some ID and answer some generic, non-descript questions. NO, this is about getting to know that individual: what makes them tick, what they love about their job (and what they don’t!), what culture would suit them, what they enjoy out of work, and where their strengths and qualities actually lie. This is a genuine and organic process that gives us the great benefit of an active database brimming with people we know extremely well.

What often happens next is we embark on a ‘job journey’ with these candidates. This involves telling them all about a client and enthusing them by explaining the great match that we can see; sending their CV over, getting the exciting news that they are invited for an interview, helping them prep, meeting them again to chat through the interview process and format for that particular client, putting their nerves at ease, waiting for feedback and then finally delivering the outcome as to whether or not they have been successful.

It’s a long old journey, and what many clients and candidates may not realise is we are as emotionally invested in that journey as the candidate. When a great candidate sets their heart on a job there is no better feeling than being able to tell them that they’ve been offered the role……it’s elating! By the same token, it’s tough when the news isn’t quite so positive. Perhaps the role got pulled for budget reasons, or perhaps the candidate just didn’t quite deliver the presentation in the way the client had expected, or perhaps it’s just not meant to be. Either way it’s always tough delivering bad news.

There are plenty of other aspects of recruitment that add to the dips, curves, turns, climbs and drops of the Recruitment Roller Coaster, and that brings me nicely back to the qualities needed to join the ride! (if you plan on being any good as a recruiter anyway). You’ll need to be tough and resilient for sure, but even more than that you’ll need to be empathetic, understanding, interested, knowledgeable, willing to feedback and advise, be a great listener and have good judgement.

Most importantly, at BTB anyway, you’ll need a bloomin’ good sense of humour!