Paid Media – The Simple Rule of Supply & Demand

As the ever-evolving world of digital media continues to... well, ... evolve, the needs and requirements of digital teams must evolve with it.

As a specialist, digital recruiter, I’ve certainly noticed a shift in the last 12 months in skills that teams are calling out for. Both agencies and in-house teams alike have recognised that Paid Channels are where (for now) large chunks of digital marketing budgets are being spent.

Yes, of course SEO and Content are still prevalent, and the strength of a good Content Marketing strategy is undeniable when it comes to organic SEO, but in the last 12 months there has, without doubt, been a real focus on Paid Media. Organisations, at all levels, understand that a good Digital Marketing strategy will consist of Earned, Owned and Paid Media; the difficulty often comes in finding great resource that can support all elements of this digital strategy. And that’s where I come in!

Of course really GREAT resource isn’t always easily identifiable! It’s worryingly easy to chuck a few buzz words on to a CV and put on a good show at interview, and before you know it you’ve employed someone that talks a good talk. Unfortunately, the substance is not always there when it comes to actually ‘doing the do’ (as we so lovingly refer to it!). Incidentally, this is why it truly pays to use a specialist recruiter (shameless, but honest plug).

My point is, for those that have identified a skills gap of good Paid Media people (by which I mean people who can genuinely set up, run, manage and report on PPC, display ads, re-targeting and paid social campaigns), there is often a lack of understanding of how scarce these people are outside of London.

This brings me nicely on to me next point: it has become increasingly obvious that there’s an abundance of GREAT Paid Media people enjoying tasty salaries in ‘The Big Smoke’… which is great, if you’re in London!

Meanwhile, back here in the Midlands, we’re still playing catch up to a certain degree, and GREAT Paid Media people are often, and few and far between. Those that are around, and are open to a career move, are therefore able to command competitive salaries; it’s the simple rule of ‘supply and demand’.

So in conclusion:

  • Paid Media is growing
  • Really GREAT Paid Media people are scarce (and a little pricey)
  • Using a specialist recruiter will reduce wasted time interviewing ‘cowboys’
  • A little patience and perseverance will be needed to find this talent, BUT it will be worth waiting for
  • Salaries for these fantastic Paid Media people are likely to be more than you first thought, so consider this when setting your recruitment budgets for 2017