News, December 2015 - Our Christmas outing!

For our Christmas do this year, Anna and I thought rather than us all just drinking ourselves silly and generally over indulging, we would organise a ‘Treasure Hunt’ around Stratford upon Avon for the team.

They were split into two teams – Team Bah Humbug and The Three Kings - and off they went with a sheet of cryptic questions to help with their general direction, and a photo sheet they had to try to recreate. Meanwhile, Anna and I sat in a nice warm pub waiting for them!

Unfortunately, what Anna and I hadn’t taken in to account was that a few of the clues would be extremely tricky to find as certain shops and chapels were actually closed!! We might need to do a bit more research next time! It wasn’t very easy – especially when one team were missing a whole sheet of questions! Bah Humbug won, and funnily enough they had a full set of questions!

It was great fun and the teams came back with massive smiles across their faces - and it definitely bought out the competitive sides of some team members!

After a few celebratory drinks in the finishing pub we all had a fantastic meal at the Vintner in Stratford – highly recommended!!

We finished off by drinking ourselves silly and generally over indulging!

by Sally