It’s Good To Talk!

A new job is never just about the job itself - It’s about the impact on every aspect of your life and achieving a balance that works for you and your significant others.

In defining your ideal job, you will spend many hours, days or weeks considering finances, location, job satisfaction, opportunity and culture. And yet, when candidates apply to us for a role, we only see their CV.

The CV and the job you are interested in gives us no real insight into all the other motivations and needs that you have. You may feel you have full clarity on your next move and have considered all the factors in your life, but what if it isn’t realistic? Or, maybe you actually feel you are lacking clarity and focus, without which your job search will be ill-targeted and soul destroying.

Here at BTB we can help, but we need to talk!

The world may have moved significantly online, but it won’t help you find your perfect career move. Talking makes the real difference but we realise that it takes more investment of your time and for this you need to trust that it will be time well spent and with a worthwhile recruiter!

I feel very strongly that any good candidate, either looking to get into the Creative and Marketing sector, or already successful and looking for their next move, will benefit from the wealth of relevant, insightful and valuable advice from any one of us here - and we don’t charge for it! To start with we’re not a bunch of young, sales-motivated, recruitment wannabees, with huge sales targets, who are encouraged to employ volume tactics and play the numbers game. We all come with some very valid career and life experience, that has involved the usual challenges, successes and failures.

We believe that it is service not sales that has helped Beyond The Book to grow and enabled it to thrive, and we’ve invested in a team, with industry experience, to engage with the job-seeking community and find them their perfect home.

I personally worked in marketing agencies for 12 years, on a perm and freelance basis in Account Management. I have since worked for 10 years matching Creatives, Account Handlers, Digital Marketers, Planners and more, with hundreds of clients. The team here have worked in creative and marketing environments and have also been Marketing and Account Managers. We also all have a social life that includes industry people.

So, if clarity, focus and realistic ambitions are important to you, please pick up the phone and make use of our experienced and very welcoming team. Make your next job fit you like a winter glove!

By Anna