The Pros & Cons Of Freelancing

Being a freelancer is very different from being employed. There are more risks, but there are also a great many advantages. You are a freelancer if you work for somebody else for an interim period to help them complete a project.

You will effectively be selling your skills and time, and will usually be paid by the hour – although contracts with a fixed price to complete a fixed project are also possible, depending on your field of expertise.

Benefits to you:

  • You are your own boss, in control of your own time and income
  • You can decide how much holiday to take and when
  • You get to work with a wide variety of people, which is incredibly interesting
  • You get to add to your experience with the variety of sectors and brands you will work with
  • You can make good money if you are constantly busy
  • You get paid for the hours you work, therefore, you can get overtime should you work past normal hours or on a weekend, if required


  • As much as you meet a lot of people, you can feel lonely as you are not building deep relationships with fellow workers
  • It is hard to meet other freelancers – people in the same boat who can empathise with the ups and downs and share insight and advice
  • Not knowing if you have work booked in week to week is not for the faint-hearted; this can be very stressful if you like to be in control
  • Self management is harder than you think. Managing your finances, chasing leads, chasing payment and self-discipline take up more time than you would imagine
  • There will be down times, which are hard to predict and command compromises which some people find difficult to embrace
  • Less security – freelancers are not protected in the same way as employees

Whether freelancing is right for you, or you would prefer our help on the permanent side, here at Beyond The Book, we aim to make your job search a positive experience and success all round. We want you to have a successful career and hope you have found this information useful. Should you need more tailored and specific advice according to your circumstances, we would be more than happy to chat with you. Please contact us on 01789 451 510 or