The Name Game.

My Random Thoughts!

My computer has gone down, so I find myself with a few minutes to think random thoughts and share with the outside world.

I have made some terribly sweeping generalisations about common names for certain skill sets, based on a robust sample of one, me!!! To be fair this is based on 8 years working with designers, developers, account handlers, planners and marketers, and many, many of them, so maybe I will be forgiven.

Here goes:

    • Developers: Sam, Pete, James, Chris
    • Designers: Adam, Lucy, Matt, Ben, Charlotte
    • Artworkers: Paul, Andrew, Kate, Mark
    • Account Managers/Directors: Charlotte, Emma, Tom, Natalie, Simon
    • Marketing Managers: Nicola, Sarah, Louise, Richard
    • Digital Executive: Dean, Emily, Sophie, Ashley

So, that’s it. The results of my in-depth research !! My computer has come back to life, byeee!

By Anna