P is for Passion!

As recruitment consultants we spend a good portion of our time on the phone. We speak to people from all walks of life, all with a different story to tell, different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and sectors and we love it (let’s face it, if we didn’t, we would be the wrong job!).

But….what’s the one thing that really makes a candidate stand out from the rest? Well for me, it’s all about their passion! Passion not only to do a great job and to represent themselves in the best possible light, but a passion for their line of work too.

So, for example, when I ask a candidate, “so tell me, what is it you like about digital marketing”, I love nothing more than for them to spring in to a passion driven answer about how the digital landscape is ever changing and developing, how digital marketing is so measurable in comparison to traditional marketing methods, how digital marketing can sit as part of an all encompassing integrated approach, how it’s instantly changeable (unlike print), etc., etc… you get the picture (and yes, I’m pretty passionate about digital marketing too!). An answer full of passion and interest demonstrates to me how keen this person is, it also gives me an insight as to how they will respond if asked the same question in an interview.

Here at Beyond The Book, we pride ourselves on being incredibly discerning when it comes to putting forward the right candidates to our clients, not only because we value our clients but because we also want to do the very best by our candidates. So, when I can feel the passion come through, whether over the phone, on a Skype or in a face-to-face meeting, I instantly want to go above and beyond to help whoever I’m talking to find their dream role!

So in a nutshell, whilst it can be challenging, working in Marketing (be it digital, traditional or a combination of both), can be incredibly stimulating and rewarding. At Beyond The Book we have opportunities opening up from graduate level Marketing Assistants, Marketing Co-ordinators, etc., all the way through to Senior Marketing Directors, and to really experience a successful and fulfilling Marketing career you have to be passionate about your industry, your experience and what you have to offer.

After all, if you can’t passionately sell yourself, how can you be expected to sell a company’s product or service?

By Emma