Jack Of All, Master Of None

“By being everything to everyone you're nothing to anyone” – Stephen Herfst

This statement is true in so many areas of business, and recruitment is no different. Many recruitment agencies will fill positions across every business sector, but a specialist agency has the opportunity to concentrate on a specific sector and/or skill set – which has massive benefits to both clients and candidates.

When Anna and Sally set up Beyond The Book, they recognised that, by creating a specialist creative and digital marketing recruitment agency, it allowed them to service both client and candidate in the manner that they should be; both promptly and accurately.

Anna, who came from a creative agency background, understood the sector, the roles, the culture variations and, having been hands on within one, could empathise with both client and candidate.

Since then, taking on recruitment consultants that have enjoyed a successful career in the ‘world’ of marketing has remained their approach as they’ve continued to grow, taking on most recently myself and Tracey.

I have worked hands on as a client side/in-house marketing professional for the past 9 years, in both traditional and digital environments, and Tracey has worked as an Account Manager in a collection of very credible agencies.

So how does this benefit the client?

Well first and foremost, depending on the nature of the role, the right recruitment consultant with the right background and experience will be assigned to manage and own the specific role. This means that from day one the relationship between client and consultant stands a better chance of being a strong one – after all they understand the pressures of their industry, they understand what it’s like to be up against it, and they understand how detrimental the wrong hire can be on their business.

When taking a brief, we will know what questions to ask in order to get a really good grip of what the client is looking for, and in many cases may even be able to assist in putting the job description together, to ensure the client really is getting the right hire to fulfil their needs.

We are already very passionate about our industry, and genuinely care about finding the right candidate for the role – you will see this from the very fist time you meet us and the quality of very well qualified candidates thereafter.

Ok... great... so how does that benefit the candidate?

Quite clearly put, in the instance of Beyond the Book, all consultants have been candidates and reflection on these experiences is very much encouraged! BTB consultants understand how stressful looking for the right job can be, how frustrating it can be speaking to someone who doesn’t understand their ‘world’ and how soul destroying it can be to take time out of work to attend an interview for a role that quite clearly doesn’t fit their skill set or personality.

Working with a specialist agency reduces all of these pressures for both client and candidate and solidifies a strong and lasting relationship all-round.

It really is proof that “By being everything to everyone you're nothing to anyone”, but by being “something to someone” you can really make a difference.

By Emma