How Long Should You Wait For Your Perfect Candidate?

Consider, for a moment, buying a product that is available in limited numbers; perhaps a special addition watch, or a specific make of car from a particular year………or something else that you would really like in your life.

You are probably purchasing it because it fulfils a need, is of high quality and rare, and you plan to keep it for a long time. Even though there’s a limited quantity of what you are looking for, with a bit of work you can find them, compare them and, once you’ve made up your mind, buy them.

Where are we going with this....!?

Our clients want to find high quality, and potentially rare, products. And by that we mean people; people who tick the skill boxes but have that something special to bring with them creatively, technically or just in the way they engage and build relationships with colleagues and clients. Clients want these people to stay with them for the long term, and they know that there are only a limited number of them in the marketplace at any one time.

Rightly so, they enlist the help of experts in finding and recruiting these star candidates. Expert recruiters, such as the team here at Beyond The Book, will take time to understand the client and exactly what they are looking for. We then know how to find and engage with the right candidates, to provide a small but perfectly formed shortlist to move to the next stages. Working with an expert recruiter saves the client a huge amount of time and undoubtedly unearths candidates that wouldn’t have been found otherwise. But it still takes time, and this is where, sometimes, expectations can differ from reality.

More often than not the brief is to find this person “asap”. Quickly followed by, “who have you got”? And here is where the ‘buying a product of limited availability’ comparison doesn’t work quite as well.

The other products are passive. They don’t care who buys them. It may be time consuming to source and then choose, and you may be up against the clock. But it’s fairly straight forward and, once you decide, the buying is easy.

Candidates however, are not passive and they very much care about who buys them! They move freely from shop to shop; across job portals, from recruiter to recruiter and also make their own direct approaches. They have choices and if they are good, plenty of them!

For clients, it can be a risky strategy to assume that there is a small selection of the right people, fitting their brief and sitting in one place just waiting for them.

So, let’s embrace a realistic timeframe for shopping for the perfect candidate. Let’s hope there is the one perfect person already sitting here in our ‘shop’ but let’s plan for an enjoyable, and rewarding, longer trip.

Here at Beyond The Book we are niche recruiters who, as well as considering the candidates we already have ‘in store’, will invest time and resource shopping in a range places to find the perfect person for your needs. We know what this high end product looks like and how to engage and build relationships with these candidates. With a realistic timeframe we can find one, two or even three perfect people; not just one ok candidate. Lower quality recruiters will shop on the high street and offer too many ill-fitting CVs to sift through, undoubtedly leading to more interviews with the wrong people. Subsequently, clients find that, as well as a general lack of quality, they are spending far too much time involved in the shopping, when they are ultimately paying someone to do this for them.

Unless you are very lucky, your candidate search should take 4 – 6 weeks. Don’t be disappointed by walking into our shop and not finding your perfect product immediately. Embrace and enjoy the productive and painless journey offered by a quality, niche recruiter.

Being in too much of a hurry and engaging multiple lower quality recruiters will not speed up your search; It will cost you in time and money.

If you want to buy the best, engage with the best recruiters and allow them the time to deliver.

By Anna