A Case Study Of BTB's Success

This is a story about a true recruitment partnership, which has delivered consistently for one of our clients.

A small agency based in the East Midlands got in touch with us over 3 years ago, as they were ready to grow. The new employees they needed would be critical to the growth of the business and would define the culture going forward.

We were invited to visit and meet the established senior team who had started the business, as well as their two employees. We came away from that meeting with a clear picture of the culture and personalities that would fit with the business, what the agency was all about, their vision for the future and how they needed our help to grow.

We started the search for their first permanent Account Manager; they needed to be experienced in their particular sector and a perfect cultural fit.

Armed with an excellent brief, we were able to focus our search in the right direction and with an honest and compelling proposition. Our client wanted options and we provided 3 candidates in a short amount of time.

They had a difficult decision to make as all 3 were a great fit! But they made it.

3 years later that person is still with them. She has gone through two promotions and, crucially, has enabled the client to take a step away from the day to day and focus on growing the business.

The next requirement was for an additional Creative. Someone who could help them increase their digital offering. Again, armed with a well rounded brief and knowledge, we delivered. That was over a year ago and the person we placed couldn’t be happier.

It has enabled our client to offer a truly integrated proposition and further grow the business. So much so, that they decided to establish a new office in London, which they asked us to help with, as they had no knowledge of the London market place.

They needed to take on 2 employees who could sustain, and would embrace, a bumpy short term journey whilst they established themselves. We delivered again with 2 talented employees. Things are very good and their vision is being realised.

Vision can only be realised with the right people in the business. Working in partnership with a focussed, experienced and knowledgeable recruiter like Beyond The Book will help you find the these people.