We have a fine tuned and more importantly, trusted freelance service.

Our clients need to trust that they will get a freelancer who won’t let them down. Since 2009, we’ve created a unique book of the industry's finest freelancers. We understand the right questions to ask both client and candidate to ensure a perfect match. As a result our freelancers have a hugely positive experience that often leads to a long lasting relationship. So, whether you're a client or a freelancer, you are in very safe hands.

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Meet Our Team

Anna Smith

Anna SmithCo-founder and Client Services

Sally Moist

Sally MoistCo-founder and Operations

Lisa Harrison

Lisa HarrisonSenior Consultant
Integrated Marketing and Production Management

Kaisa Laug

Kaisa LaugConsultant

Emma Simkiss

Emma SimkissConsultant
Digital Marketing and Media

Adam Smith

Adam SmithBusiness Performance

Tracey Parker

Tracey ParkerConsultant
Creative and Studio

Mark Moist

Mark MoistBusiness Solutions

James Partridge

James PartridgeConsultant
Digital Development and Technology

Natalie Padar

Natalie PadarResourcer

Sonny and Ted

Sonny and TedThe BTB Boys

Some helpful advice for freelancers:

A freelance career can be rewarding, full of flexibility and autonomy, but it can also be challenging. We cannot provide everyone with job opportunities but we do want you to enjoy a successful career. Feel free to take advantage of our advice here.

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Making a success of your freelance career.

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Preparing and presenting your portfolio.

Some advice for clients:

For clients looking for freelance help, here’s some advice you might find useful!

The upsides and downsides of utilising freelancers.

Typical freelance rates.

Which recruitment solution for clients?

Freelancers - who’s hot and who’s not?